Why become a franchisee?

At Jim’s Heating and Cooling, we have a shared commitment to customer service and to the success of all our Franchisees. Below are some reasons to consider becoming a Jim’s Heating and Cooling Franchisee.


The Jim’s brand is a recognised household name. This alone gives you as a business owner an edge over your competitors from the beginning. It is recognised and trusted because of its screening processes, passion for customer service, insurance cover and three decades pursuing high standards from all Franchisees.

Customer service

We have a passion for customer service, and for this we need the best people. We look for people with high standards who take pride in their work. Our selection process aims to match the culture and service ethic of qualified technicians with the culture and service ethic of Jim’s Group. As a franchisee you decide when you want to work, in which areas you will work and what services you will offer.

Call centre

With an Australian based call centre with over 40 people available to service your calls, 99% of calls are answered within 1 minute. The call centre is open between 6am to 8pm. The call centre is very professional and after qualification, the call will be transferred to the most appropriate Franchisee to assist the client and make a sale with success rate of converting the lead above 85%.

Plentiful work

At Jim’s Group, one of the main issues is servicing all the enquiries we receive from potential clients every year. Your Franchisor will work with you to create a steady work flow. With a transparency around all aspects of work, most of our Franchisees are satisfied and working at capacity. So confident are we that you will do well, that we will guarantee an agreed weekly income to commence your franchise.

Systems and technology

Being a member of Jim’s allows you to access business systems that are well evolved over three decades. You will have access to workplace health and safety and specific work manuals and access to the latest heating and cooling technology and associated equipment from our preferred suppliers to help your business run efficiently. This means you will spend less time on the tedious daily tasks and more time on the work you enjoy and that makes income.

Training and support

At Jim’s Group you are surrounded by an enormous network of successful business owners and operators, and your Franchisor whose overriding interest is to see you succeed. This network will mentor you and assist in your professional development. You will start with a three-day general business training course and one-day technical training course in Melbourne then your Franchisor will facilitate ongoing support through regular face-to-face team meetings in your territory and phone calls at other times designed to support your new business.

Cost savings

Jim’s Heating and Cooling is a large buying group, so we can keep costs down for your heating and cooling equipment, materials and other business inputs. This includes the following:

  • Best mobile phone deals
  • Lower cost insurance
  • Fleet discounts on new cars
  • Special rates on debt collection, printing, EFT, etc.
  • Better pricing and support on heating and cooling equipment
  • Custom built software for Jim’s Franchisees to make your administration easier