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Jim’s Heating and Cooling can supply and install a full range of HVAC systems and services to suit your needs.

Our experienced team have designed, installed, worked on, around or alongside just about every different air-conditioning or heating system there is. Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will recommend/provide the most appropriate system or service for you.

You can extend the life of your equipment by ensuring it is serviced regularly. This allows small problems to be detected early and lessens the chances of a breakdown. Replacement equipment and major parts can be costly, and regular servicing generally means you can avoid these with modest repairs when necessary. With service technicians on call should your equipment break down, we offer prompt and professional service for all our clients.

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Founder and Managing Director

Jim Penman is the owner and managing director of the Jim’s Group. Jim currently owns Jim’s personal training and is looking to expand this division as it has a great product to offer. There is a lot of un-serviced work in this division that needs franchisees to satisfy customer demands. It’s a great service that is crying out for franchisees. Jim’s Group started as a part-time gardening business while Jim Penman completed his PhD in history. It went full time in 1982 and was franchised in 1989. Currently, there are nearly 4,000 Franchisees in four countries, and growing at the rate of around 200 per year.