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Inverter Air Conditioner.

Energy Efficient Inverter Air Conditioning

If energy efficiency is your dream then inverter air conditioning is the real deal. You can enjoy modern inverter technology which is perfect for energy conscious homeowner, and smart homes.

Air Conditioner Inverter Technology

Inverter technology can be found in some reverse cycle systems, including ducted heating and cooling or split system air conditioners.

It’s versatile and intuitive, and Jim’s Air Conditioning can assist in every way for your air con solutions. From advising customers on the best heating and cooling solution for their home to repairs or installation. We’ll be able to give you the best possible climate control.

Our staff are available 24/7 in case of an emergency or routine repairs, and when you need us after hours there are no additional fees. That means fixed prices on a weekday, weekend or public holiday. We know that’s a major relief when something unexpected happens.

Speaking of unexpected, if your air conditioner breaks down during summer, Jim’s Air Conditioning can be there with fast and reliable 1 hour* attendance. Our local technicians are always ready for the next job and you won’t have to break a sweat waiting for repairs.

If you need prompt air con services today, or just want to learn more about intelligent inverter technology, give Jim’s Air Conditioning a call.

How Inverter Technology Works

For constant, even climate control in the home you cannot go past inverter air conditioning.

An intelligent piece of technology, inverter air conditioners have advanced control over the compressor motor. This leads to more intuitive temperature control and the ability to fine tune how much warm or cool air is released.

A traditional non inverter air conditioner turns on and off throughout the day. If you set the thermostat to a cool 21°C, once that temperature is reached the unit turns off, before turning on again to cool the room. For effective cooling a large amount of energy is required on start up.

Over the course of a summer you’ll find the constant juggling between on and off will prove costly for your air conditioning.

Meanwhile, inverter technology allows the air con to remain active throughout the day in an energy efficient manner. Once 21°C is reached the compressor motor is told to slow down. The air con does not turn off, but instead saves energy.

And if the temperature slowly warms up then the inverter tells the compressor to speed up to maintain the desired temperature.

If you want, think of it like running a marathon. An inverter is a runner at a steady tempo, pacing themselves to maximise energy use. On the other hand, non inverter technology is a runner who sprints, then stops, then sprints, then stops. Energy is used in expensive spurts, and fairly inefficiently.

Leading Inverter Brands

Jim’s Air Conditioning stocks and supplies all of the leading inverter air conditioning brands. From Daikin’s split and multi split air conditioners, to Toshiba and Rinnai.

No matter the heating or cooling system you want, we can look after you.

Not quite sure what you’re after? That’s okay. Our fully licensed technicians can take a look at your home and help pick out the best option. That may be a reverse cycle, ducted evaporative cooler or an inverter.

Whatever the right choice, we’ll ensure you have the best air con system to suit your home at an affordable price and with low energy consumption.

Customers can also supply their own heating or cooling unit, and as long as it’s brand new we can install it for you.

To learn more about the leading air conditioner brands we stock, give us a call.

Interest Free Air Conditioning

An inverter is one of the best ways you can keep your home’s temperature under control.

It’s far more cost effective than a machine which turns on and off all day long, because the unit doesn’t have to expel a massive amount of energy to get back to 21°C.

Whether you’re getting a new inverter air conditioner installed or are having repairs conducted on a current unit, Jim’s Air Conditioning is here.

Our technicians can support you in any way, providing fast and reliable service across Australia. And, we can even help you take care of any air conditioning emergencies by offering an interest free, no deposit payment plan**.

It’s a great way to take on a big job without having to put your finances under unexpected pressure. Customers can sign up on the spot thanks to our local techs, who can help you through the application process.

Once signed up, you can pay off any job – big or small – in simple weekly or fortnightly instalments. You can choose the amount and the time frame so you’re always in charge.

For any split system air conditioner service, or ducted reverse cycle maintenance, it’s a helping hand to keep you in control.

Give us a call now and we can have someone at your door within the hour* for your heating and cooling job!