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Split Systems.

Are you after professional split system services?

Jim’s Air Conditioning is your local heating and cooling specialist. Our split system experts are only 1 hour* away!

Local Split System Specialists

Has your split system given up the ghost? No matter the time of year, you can’t go long without a working split system. It’s responsible for keeping things cool in summer and toasty warm in winter! When something isn’t working right, you can have a Jim’s Air Conditioning technician at your door just 1 hour* after your call!

Jim’s Air Conditioning technicians are the best in the air con industry and have worked on countless split systems. Our technicians all have their own fully stocked green van, meaning they’re prepared to complete your split system job on the spot.

So you’re not left without a working split system in the middle of summer or winter, we’re proud to offer interest free payment plans** with $0 deposits. This means we can fix it now while you pay later!

Split System Installation, Service and Repair

Jim’s Air Conditioning does it all – we can supply, install, service and even repair any split system!

When it comes to a thorough and professional split system service, you’ve come to the right place. Our services go beyond the regular supply and install:

  • Jet cleaning with advanced water technology
  • Supply and install new isolators for the outside unit
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Controller replacement
  • Split system regas
  • Replace parts e.g.: motor, fan, capacitor
  • Reseal pipework
  • Drain replacement

And then there’s annual services too! Your split system is in good hands when you use Jim’s Air Conditioning.

At Jim’s Air Conditioning, we only have highly experienced split system experts. Even with that, we still provide them with ongoing training. This means our air con technicians are truly second to none.

No matter the brand, make or model, our air con technicians have seen it all. Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG, Daikin, you name it, our experienced technicians are more than capable of getting your heating and cooling sorted.

Our green vans even carry common parts and units from all major brands so we can complete almost all jobs then and there. There’s no need to wait around for parts to be sourced and then wait for the supplier to get them in. They’re already in our Jim’s van!

Cooling with an Energy Efficient Split System

Come summer time, we rely heavily on our split system to beat the heat and keep things comfortable. Things can get a bit heated in a home without a working air conditioner.

You’re in luck – Jim’s Air Conditioning has local technicians who are available 24/7 for same day split system service. We even have technicians who are available just 1 hour* after your call for split system emergencies and general maintenance.

When your split system isn’t working in the middle of a heat wave, don’t stress. Jim’s Air Conditioning will have your split AC working again in no time.

Keep Warm with a Split System Air Conditioner

One of the best things about split systems is how quickly they can heat up a room. Get home from work, turn your split air con on and 5 minutes later that awful chill is gone.

Few things are worse than coming home to find your split system isn’t working and you’ll be left in the cold. Fear not, Jim’s Air Conditioning is here for you!

Our technicians are available 24/7 for all general maintenance and emergencies. We don’t think you should be punished because your split system chose a weekend or after hours to play up. That’s why we have the same prices 24/7!

Don’t worry about having to take time off work for a technician to assess your AC. Jim’s Air Conditioning technicians can be with you at a time that is convenient for you. Whether that’s after work, on a weekend or even a public holiday, we’re here for you at the same great prices.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Your heating and cooling contributes to a large portion of your energy bill every quarter and also plays a part in your home’s air quality. These two reasons alone are enough to consider split system maintenance and service.
Here at Jim’s Air Conditioning, we recommend annual split system services. The benefits of these regular services include:

  • Ensure your home only receives clean air – no bacteria, mould or fungi
  • Identify faulty parts
  • Prevent your split system emitting funny smells
  • Ensure it is working efficiently and not wasting energy

And more! Servicing your split system before the summer heat or winter chills really set in can ensure it is working at its best when you need it most.

We recommend you have a licensed air con technician service your split system annually. Just before summer or winter is easier to remember, but any time of year is a good time for air con maintenance.

Split System Air Conditioner Prices

Split systems are one of the more affordable AC units you can install in your home. Upfront it’s more expensive than a small space heater, but you make up for that in cheaper running costs.

They’re much less costly upfront than a whole home ducted air conditioner. Their heating and cooling abilities, however, only affect one room rather than the whole home.

Regardless of what type of air conditioner you want installed, Jim’s Air Conditioning have no deposit interest free payment plans** so you can have your split system now and pay for it later.

We love these plans because they mean our customers don’t need to suffer through a chilly winter or blistering hot summer without their split system because the old one failed unexpectedly.

Our plans are broken into weekly or fortnightly repayments so you can easily manage them. With $0 deposit and no interest, there’s no reason to hold back on getting that new split system!

Are you ready for a Jim’s Air Conditioning technician for our split system services? Contact us today!